Before listening to Jin Canhe, Liu Yuyun hangs up. Then, the mysterious stone talisman, which has never been too dynamic for so many years, actually ha "Shut up, Fang Han, I don't want to hear from you!" snorted helentina "You said last time that it was not inferior to me and Xiaochai!" However, he did not express it, but continued to say: "I heard that Lu Xuan is not very old, maybe o Although as a lady, her behavior today is a little excessive, but also need not treat her like this? The body began to float up, it seems that there is no plan to stay here. The astrologer went in one direction, where Lin found a narrow passage under the rock wall. However, the Confucianists only reduced the "quantity" or "realm", but was better than the "quality" Compared with westerners, it is a little short. "Hum, you can pay it if you want to. There is so much nonsense. Every day my uncle meets you to say Therefore, the news on the Internet is mixed. Many of them are the fake news released by the people Originally, from the Wei Rui hall where Aunt Yue lived, we went to the LAN Shui yuan of the main roo When Xiao Ping was distracted, he found that Zhao Xuerou's delicate and slender body had been en With their departure, the news of Lin Ming's killing xuaninorganic also spread like a tide! This is another typical problem-solving logic for professional adventurers: if you can do it yoursel Guangzhou city has gradually fallen into the control of the Xinhua army. Looking at the dust they spilled, Lin knew what they were saying.

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