To avoid direct contact with the sun's rays, Cheng Yao's body will be cracked and exploded. When they failed in the war, they planned to control China from other aspects, such as the economy. Mei Xue's palm unfolds an incredible radiance, which is the boundless light of Buddhism, the mys "Scar, there are many younger brothers in your life. Do you think that everyone you see is your brot In the moment when Lu Si's Halberd sword is blocked by the sword, many of them are forced to fig "Open your eyes and have a look at the unjustly killed battle outside the star gate. Those destroyed Obviously, there is something wrong with the demon family It's hard for them to believe that such powerful martial arts can be used by a man who is only a A huge and incomparable sword awn spewed out in an instant, chopped up the sky, and directly split t "I don't think so. All the props have been checked by little friends." It is not the blood flowing in the flesh and blood, but the pure gold blood, which can be cultivated Before entering the fog sea, the color clothes flushes the leaf really faint smile. Qian Zhongying, with a sudden "Oh," led the team to the underground building. A sharp light broke through the sky, stopped in the sky, and gradually turned into a figure of absol Su Yi threatened fiercely, and then went up. Ke Zhenyue smiles and steps into the courtyard. In such a short time, the whole "falling Eagle * * field" seems to have become a huge furnace. Excep This extraordinary divinity alone is enough to wipe out the small forces in the whole Beicheng distr

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